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Our favourite holding period is forever

~Warren Buffett

Why the need to learn Investing?

Investing in stocks is something everyone should be doing. Not only that, investing in stocks is something everyone SHOULD be profiting from. With the available sophisticated online trading platform, it make the even more easy for us to better control our stock positions.
But for some strange reason many investors in stocks lose money. Why?

5 most common reasons many investors in stocks fail to make a profit when there really is no reason not to:

1) You do not plan
When you get into a stock you must have reasons why. Where will you get out? What happens if the stock flies up 200% in the next 3 months? Will you add to your position. "Trade you plan and plan your trade."

2) Over diversify
You own too many stocks. Like a child in a sweet shop you can't resist buying this and that stock. Focus is the key to large profits.

3) You do not have a system/method
You trade from opinion, tips, outside advice.

4) Money management is more important than where to enter
Money management is a vital subject when investing in stocks. How much to buy? How much to risk. This is where you success lies.

5) You will not cut those losses
As strange as it seems many investor/traders of stocks will NOT cut those losses early. This is a lack of planning, fear of losses and arrogance. cut your losses early and watch your portfolio grow.



Many people dislike their day job and read there is money to be made in the stock market. Having never read a stock book, or shown the slightest interest in the past, they buy a trading course and expect to make big money from it. There is no interest in investing in stocks. They have no passion about learning about the stock market. If you do not enjoy investing in stocks and learning about the stock market then make your money from something you really enjoy.